Saturday, January 23, 2010

Miracle Stuff

So, I don't have time or energy to upload pictures of donations to Haiti tonight, but don't you really just want the good news?

I was at Kynsie and Kyan's school Friday for pick up, and I asked about a speech evaluation for Braylen. He has a little trouble with "L's" and "th's". Nothing serious, but I wanted to know if I should go ahead and get him evaluated, as Miss Sarah (Kynsie's teacher) and all of the rest of the attendees at Kynsie's yearly evaluation back in November had discussed the possibility of Braylen qualifying for Governor's pre-k school next year. To qualify you have to be 'high risk' which is determined by income, pre-term birth, developmental delays, incarcerated parents, siblings with developmental delays, and a few other considerations.

The idea was, that Braylen *might* qualify, and since the plan was for Kynsie to be in a special ed class at the same school that would allow inclusion with other typical 4-year-olds, she might likely have class time with Braylen. So I wanted to get an idea of what to do. Sarah told me what to do, but mentioned that he could receive services anywhere, not just at the school we had discussed. I was sort of confused, so I said "Now, are you still thinking of recommending Kynsie for XYZ school next year like we discussed?" And then she said the most WONDERFUL words I have heard in a LONG,LONG,LONG time.

"Well, actually I am thinking that Kynsie will be recommended for Governor's pre-k, with SPEECH SERVICES & SPECIAL ED CONSULT ONLY because I don't really think she will need any other services!!! I have talked with the OT, and she agrees. Kynsie has made significant progress even since November. I was watching a video of her from then, and the progress is significant. She just continues to grow with her speech and her social skills."

I said "Yeah, I just don't see "Autism" when I look at her anymore. She repeats things some, but there just isn't much else". And Sarah said
"Yeah, if this is a spectrum, she's sliding down the other side of the hill".
That's my miracle girl...the girl therapists were concerned was 'severely affected' with Autism. (at the time she WAS) This is the girl who had no consonant sounds at age 2. Her language level at 2 yrs old was of a 3 month old. I cried and cried wondering if she would EVER speak. And here we are 2 years, millions of prayers, countless tears, pounds of supplements, hours and hours of therapy, and thousands of dollars later with a little girl who continues to amaze us all.

This definitely isn't over for Kynsie. We know what regression is like, though she hasn't had one in a LONG time. Just the same, I will always be looking over my shoulder. But we will continue to look ahead and pray that she stays this course of progress and that we are able to provide her the support she needs to continue to thrive.

Praise God for answered prayers. Praise God for wonderful doctors and good information about treating and recovering kids from the grips of Autism. Praise God for hope. Praise God for people like you who continue to lift our kids up in prayer. We are still holding out for recovery for Kyan. We know it can happen!


the Mayes family said...

Great news Sunny! I am so glad for you guys.

All About the Bailey's said...

So happy for you all....I hope you all celebrated big...