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blast from the past and pictures from christmas 09 and big beds...

sorry for the long title and sorry for the long time between pictures! i was looking at pictures to put on the blog and i came across 2 from Christmas of 08 and my favorite rocker chick!!!'s amazing how they grow up fast...

she is going to be a rocker, i can tell!!!
so we decided to go to MS to visit Mamaw and Papaw on Christmas day, so we decided to do Christmas at our house a couple of nights are some pics of that.

they were SOOOOO excited by the Christmas tree and gifts this year. we also added "thank you for baby Jesus to our evening prayers!!!

Kynsie opening one of her presents

Kyan patiently waiting to open his!

"say cheese"

Braylen in a mad dash to open one of his prizes!
believe it or not, she was excited about this one!!!

Kyan too...he gets a little into the opening of the presents!

here's Braylen playing with his "map puzzle". it has all 50 states on it and he can name EVERY one!!!

Because we were leaving on Christmas day, we did "Grammy's house" on Christmas eve. it was great to see Dustin and Suzanne and Curry and Caden. we also had a'll see in a few...

Kynsie opening her barbie mermaid...

mommy helping the boys

Kyan got some hotwheels cars and he had a carrying case with them.

Kyan and his cars

Braylen needed some "mommy help" with this one...

love this face!!!

Curry and his tie fighter that he got...(that's star wars for the non-fans!)

Kyan had Grandad read him a story...this is major as Kyan doesn't normally let you read or sit still.
playing with sissy's barbie computer

slinky, slinky...everyone loves a slinky...
sis loves aunt Suzanne and wanted to eat beside her...or as she says..."I want to eat you."

Grammy opening her gifts

Sis and Curry playing
then it was time for the's Braylen eating hamburger and potato. he is a meat and 'tater guy!

Kyan and his food!
the next couple of pics are the feast that Mrs Diane made. Dustin grilled the steaks, but Mrs Diane made everything else...thank you Mrs Diane for the was DELICIOUS!!!

sunny caught me playing star wars figures with curry and Caden..I'm still a kid at heart!!!
While we were at Grammy and Granddad's house...Santa clause came to the hall house...well, actually we came home to do baths and he came during bath time. here are the pics of them finding what Santa left...

bicycles...of course we had to try them out...

in the house!!!

then they decided that they needed to take them outside and try them out (at 9:45 pm!!!)

we then packed up on Christmas day and headed down to mamaw and papaw's house. we had a GREAT time with them and the kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their mamaw and papaw. They got the kids some melissa and doug toys. kynsie got a doll house and the boys got barns. each had little pieces to go with them. while we were there, kynsie asked mommy to play with her. this was BIG because she held her attention for at least 5-6 minutes and played appropriatly with sunny...MAJOR!!!

Then Braylen had to play as well!!!!

braylen and his barn...

braylen found mamaw's snow globe on her coffee table...he kept saying "it's beautiful!!"

Kynsie and Braylen had to show papaw the barbie computer...have to say that they LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE their papaw....

They love papaw, but they also wear him out to!!! (As they do us as well!!!!)

While we were down, we went to my aunt sereda's house to see "the hall side". here is Braylen and Mamaw precious.

My cousin Dawn brought her little girl, Lizza Cate. Braylen LOVES babies and he kept calling her baby and playing with her.

He wasn't really wanting to share his bugsby toy with her though...

When we got back to mamaw and papaw's it was time for bed. they wanted to try and sleep in the same is a shot of that...(by the way, it didn't work!)

next day, unlce jonathan came over to visit and play.

kyan, he fell into the coffee table and busted his gum, tooth and lip. we put a band-aid on his chin so it would make him feel better!!!

trying to become a rock star!!!!

then back to sleep!!! Kyan and Kynsie ended up sleeping in the same bed...

Braylen slept in a pack and play by himself...he has to have his space!!!

for those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, you've read about kyan and his fits and his inability to focus for very long...the following pictures are of him playing with a Match game with Sunny. HUGE PROGRESS!!!! he just started playing one night and said "mom, you play with me"...of course she was going to. now, usually, if you sat down to play with him, he would SCREAM bloody murder and you would walk away. tonight he wanted to play and played for at least 6-8 minutes with mommy!!! so proud of our little man, he is making huge progress.

After the winter weather we've had, this past week the sun came out and it was pretty for a couple days and Sunny took the kids to a local park...they LOVED it.

Braylen climbing...

Kyan playing too...


of course, you have to slide down backwards!!! part of the fun

our friends Patty and Wayne were putting up their Christmas gear and wanted to move 2 twin beds out of their storage area. we said we could use them. so Sunny started to look for bedding and everything for twin beds. she found kynsie one that looks like a picket fence. we put them together last night and they got to sleep in their new beds...they are SO EXCITED about them... that should about catch us up to date with pics. hope you all are doing well and we will have more to come!!!

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