Monday, December 07, 2009

Quick Prayer Request

I called the ENT for cancellations and there weren't any. I explained our situation and asked if we could possibly see another doc or nurse practioner. Receptionist took notes and promised to talk to doctor and let us know. They called back at 10 minutes to 1pm and asked if we could have Kyan there by 1:20pm. I explained that that they would be late, but we could work it out. So in a flash Barbara dressed and loaded up kids and brought Kynsie and Braylen by and is now at ENT's office.

Praying for answers and wisdom for Dr. Belmont.

thanks in advance

Kyan is scheduled for surgery for ear tubes on Friday. We won't know the time until Thursday evening, but please say prayers for his health and safety, and that this helps him.


Liz said...

Wow! How awesome that you were able get surgery scheduled so quick. His ears must really be painful for him. I pray he does well and this is the answer for him. :)

Elizabeth said...

Hey Sunny, We will be praying for his surgery to go well. Just wanted to let you know Dr. Blemount is AWESOME !! He is our ENT and did the boys tubes. He is great with kids. And the surgery is super fast it is over before you get comfy in the waiting room. Sometimes when they "wake" them back up they get really fussy but by that afternoon both boys were playing. That has been the easiest thing we have been through with the twins. And of course it makes life better b/c no more ear pain !! Hope all goes good. Elizabeth

Elaine said...

Wonderful news. Praying this helps.