Sunday, October 18, 2009

Soup & Sunday

I made my mom's homemade vegetable beef soup. It is super yummy and a favorite of ours. I made it for me and Brando, but the boys wanted to try it. SO we let them. Unfortunately, I realized that bouliion cubes have gluten and casein in them....after the fact. So I bought organic beef stock and plan to make them their own soup tomorrow.

Kynsie is happy to talk about soup, but would NOT eat it.

Braylen loves digging the Tatoes out, but discovered that he does not like lima beans. He tried one and then said "mom, I need to spill"--that is code for, vomit.

Clearly not amused at my picture taking

Look at these lashes!!

Little Miss Cooperative. At least my guys were happy. :)

daddy not thrilled with her by this point

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