Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Funny Day Today

The morning started with a cancelled playdate with Patty. She was up all night last night with a stomach bug, and we couldn't risk the exposure to anything else. :( Kids were so bummed. Kyan's newish obsession is with his schedule. He always asks "What comes next?" OVER & OVER & OVER. He becomes very fixated on that. So the morning began with news of no miss Patty today and "I don't know what's next". It was the truth, but that matters very little to a boy with Autism and OCD issues. He just kept asking.

As I was preparing breakfast & supplements, my children were demanding "BACON!!" I served pancakes and bacon. About that time I bumped a full sippy cup (that didn't yet have a lid) and the entire contents spilled all over my pants and the kitchen floor. After mopping it up with 4 dishtowels and countless paper towels. Meantime, the bacon is evidently devoured--pancakes untouched, so I got shouts of "more bacon!" In between the refrain, Kyan announces loudly "I have stinky poo-poo!" I get that handled and attempt to finish making breakfast, when Kynsie says "I need pee-pee BIG potty". Ok. This is code for I need to pee, and I don't want your help. In fact, I will insist on doing it "by self" but if you are not there to lend sly but steady assistance I will also yell at you, so follow me....NOW! So as she begins to wash her hands somehow she manages to shoot foaming hand soap straight up in the air, all over the mirror and as I look at her in amazement I see the last of the soap land right on top of her head.

This morning was really on a roll. :) We did finally get to the playground and have a good time playing and having our picnic. I should mention that Kyan insisted on wearing hot pink socks. Well, actually he wanted to wear one hot pink and one baby pink, but we compromised on 2 hot pink socks--magenta. It was fabulous. And wouldn't you know that for once the playground was packed. I am sure those moms thought I was super. I did take my camera to take photos to share with you. I even made sure that the appropriate 'cards' were installed. I failed to notice however that the battery was dead. So alas, no photos to share today.

That's the run down of our day. I went to dinner with the Knoxville area Autism Moms group. It's always nice to get together with those ladies. They understand the weird habits of my children and the unique stresses we face every day. I am grateful that I got to go. Thanks Brando. Well, Goodnight all.

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Tracey said...

You certainly had an eventful day! Bless your heart! I love the pink socks! That is really cute. They have there own ideas and sometimes there is no budging them or it is not worth the fight-lol! Glad you were able to attend the support group for autism, I know they always give me strength and I hope they are helpful to you too!