Monday, October 12, 2009

Does the Hep B Vaccine Cause Defects?

Thank you CBS News for going after this story. Dr. Wakefield is treated even-handedly, which is nice for a change. Check out the video. It raises more questions than anything, but they are questions that must be answered.

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Tracey said...

Have not had a chance to read your other recent posts but did watch this video. This is so great to see on CBS. I forwarded it to some family and friends. I made a call to my pediatrician's office last week. I actually had never asked if we had received thimerisol in our flu vaccine in that first year of life. Well, they confirmed that my girls did receive the flu shot containing thimerisol. I so wish I had been better informed. My smallest triplet was hurt the most just like they have said that low birth weight makes them more at risk. I thought I was doing the right thing with them being preemies and all. Just makes me sick. I love what Wakefield said in the interview with Dateline about not giving up. They are going to do study after study until we are vindicated (although not compensated:( ). God bless that man for all he is doing for autism.