Saturday, September 26, 2009

Under Pressure

That describes my week. (I started this post on Saturday, but the power went off at my store for over 3 hours and I am just now getting back to finishing this post) We came home to 2 kiddos recovering from the flu last Thursday, and on Sunday morning, Brandon flew to Ohio for the week. Yep--the week! So perhaps you can understand why I did not blog for a week. Mom was in town for a few days, so I did get relief and some help, but the dynamic is different simply because Brandon and I have a routine. Plus it is easier because I don't have to always be the bad guy, decision-maker, etc. I have someone else to rely on for that. It was a rough week.

Kyan is still having a very hard time. He spent most of the week hitting, kicking, and screaming...constantly. Again, thank you anti-biotics and yeast. OH-and he is stimming non-stop. As in, we went to the playground Thursday and he only went down the slide 3 times. The rest of the time was spent stimming. This is NOT normal. It's part of yeast overgrowth & Autism, but decidedly not normal. Thankfully anti-fungal arrived Thursday and I gave it to Kyan within minutes of arrival. We are currently in the die-off period, which is decidedly nastier than the actual yeast period--hard to believe. He was in time out several times this morning before I even left for work. *Side note* we have discovered that putting the kids in their rooms (upstairs) is a fabulous time out. No toys in there. Furniture is bolted to the wall. Doorknob thingies keep them from escaping. AND the screaming tantrum is muffled. FABULOUS. Plus it gives us a chance to cool down so that we don't LOSE OUR FREAKING MINDS! So we go that route. After 5 minutes, we offer them a chance to "try again". Usually this works, though sometimes we have to put them in their rooms a couple times before they see that we mean business.

So back to Kyan. He's pretty miserable and I do feel sorry for him, but he seriously does make me crazy. The blood test results from last week (we did take him Friday) are not in. We had him checked for PANDAS because of his OCD tendencies. He was also tested for viral titers--Chicken Pox--often kids with autism and otherwise compromised immune systems will have low-lying, chronic infections, and those infections can affect behavior, among other things. I was CONVINCED that Kyan has PANDAS, but the more I read, the more I think it doesn't fit. Still, we are missing something with him, and I don't know what it is. He can be so sharp, calm, sweet and normal for periods of time--weeks, and then we start that horrible, albeit gradual slide downhill to hell. And once we arrive there, it is such a difficult climb back out. It doesn't get easier or shorter in duration as time goes by. I have no idea what triggers his descent into the depths but after 2 years of it, we MUST find the answer and get some relief for all of us.

He as now decided he doesn't want to go to school. 3 weeks ago he would scream at us if he didn't get to go. Now he screams if he has to go. He suddenly doesn't want his teacher, only the substitute--she is young and pretty--not sure if that is the reason for his new found affection. ?? Kyan also has a favorite teacher's aid. Her name is Miss Kay and Kyan loves her. (I love her too) The day I had to pick Kyan up from school early because he wasn't feeling well, I peeked in the window before opening the door and Miss Kay was rocking kyan and snuggling him. She won my heart in the moment. I love her. So, I understand that he is partial to her. She also reminds me of my mom, so that makes a difference for Kyan most likely as well. I am just hoping that this is a phase. I asked today if he had gotten in trouble, or if there might be a reason for his behavior and Miss Kay said 'no'. I believe her. I am going to keep working on this to try to get to the bottom of it though.

All 3 of our kids struggle in their own ways, but our Kyan remains the most challenged. I just keep hoping and praying that we can find the source of some of his issues. In my gut I know we are not there yet.

I am in the process of looking into chiropractic and possibly craniosacral therapy

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lesliemarie said...

Sunny, if you look at "clinical evidence" they suggest that alternative therapies are no more effective than placebos. HOWEVER, I have seen many patients, both adults and kiddos, pursue alternative therapies (acupuncture, craniosacral, Feldenkrais, etc.) and have unbelieveable results. I say all this to say...don't always belive the "research." Just because clinical studies don't prove something 100% effective, doesn't mean it won't change your world! :) There is an awesome "natural" doctor in Atlanta that one of my friends has been seeing for herself and her son's food allergies. I think she's in love b/c he's changed her life! If you want his info, I'll be happy to get it for you. I hope you get to the bottom of Kyan's behavior soon!