Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick Update

Thanks for the prayers. We had a WONDERFUL time. Brandon is currently uploading the pictures and hopefully we will have some to share soon. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are back safe and sound. Brandon's ear drums are in tact.

We did find out on Monday that Braylen & Kynsie now have the flu. The doctor now believes that Kyan did indeed have the flu, but the test was done too late to be accurate. They just caught his secondary ear infection. Kynsie is doing fairly well. Braylen--my asthma/lung guy is struggling more. He was taken to the E.R. while I was gone with a menengitis scare--it was negative--I just found all of this out today. Today he went back to the pediatrician and was diagnosed with a secondary ear infection. He is coughing and hacking, and vomiting....poor guy. :( We are watching him closely. He plays and eats fine, but he is struggling more with the crud that is left over. Hopefully the antibiotics will help.

Speaking of antibiotics. I know they are necessary, but have I mentioned how much I HATE them, lately? Kyan is in PSYCHO-3 year old mode after being on anitbiotics. The yeast in his little body that is left from all of that good & bad bacteria killing is making him NUTS. Screaming, hitting, kicking, slamming, throwing, stimming. GOOD TIMES. We have to get bloodwork done to check his liver, making sure it is doing ok. If all is clear, he will be put on the good drugs---strong anti-fungal (Diflucan) and will be our sweet boy again in no time. I think we are taking him to Children's tomorrow. Can't get that bloodwork done fast enough.

In other news, my dad went to the E.R. in an ambulance on Sunday--again, I found this out today. He had some sort of attack. Evidently he has a lung condition COPD, or emphysema??? Not sure. He also has sleep apnea. So-- he spent 4 days in the hospital on oxygen and is seeing a pulmonologist tomorrow.

Wow. Lots to absorb. On the upside, we did have a fabulous vacation. will get those pictures on here ASAP.

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