Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Organic Garden Update

At the risk of being labeled a tree hugger...perhaps I already wear that label... I wanted to talk a bit about my organic garden. I have a little mini garden in 4 4ft X 4ft garden boxes. I am growing my own veggies and berries for a couple of reasons. Mainly, I like being able to walk out of my house and 'shop' for fresh produce in the summer. I also really like that when I wash my veggies (even with the produce wash that is supposed to remove pesticide residues) my only concern is getting the dirt off, because there are no pesticide residues. That my friends is peace of mind. I also REALLY like that I ate a salad made of organic lettuce last night, and I didn't have to pay $8 for a bag of lettuce. I might have paid $5 for the pack of seeds and I have TONS of lettuce left, and will be able to harvest more soon! Not to mention it was DELICIOUS! You can't imagine how chemicalish the bagged lettuce tastes until you eat fresh lettuce. So good.

So my point in all of this? Well, I am forver talking about the toxins in vaccines and obviously I feel strongly about them for good reason. But it is critical that we as parents of little people with vulnerable bodies and immune systems, continue to reduce the toxic load for them in every way possible. Food is a HUGE way to reduce these ickies. Organic food is more expensive and we can't afford it all of the time, so we are growing some. For the conventional produce, we use veggy wash. For meat & eggs, we try very hard to get organic, or at minimum all-natural with no hormones, preferably no anti-biotics.

So that is my soap box for the day. Go organic if you can! It's good for adult brains and bodies too. Also-check out your local farmer's markets. That is a great way to get good, fresh, locally grown produce at a resonable price while also boosting your local economy. We have a few here in Ktown.

Here are a couple of my garden and me working in it below. My second reason for the garden is that growing something and tending it is therapeutic. I work in my garden while the kids play on the trampoline. I can see them and hear them, but I get to be in my own little world for a few brief minutes....until someone clobbers someone else. :)


Mindy said...

At the risk of sounding even more like a tree hugging hippie chick, another benefit of gardening is the pride it gives you to tend something from seed (or starter plant) to mature plant & then to put it on the table for your family. And, in a nation that I would venture a guess that well over half the children don't actually know where food comes from (aside from the supermarket & McDonalds), it's an excellent way to connect them to nature & let them see (& participate in) nature at work. To let them be unplugged from tv/computers/gameboys.
Wow, that sounded really crunchy :)

entsala said...

i think it is wonderful that you are tending a garden. my grandparents and parents had gardens while i was growing up. i remember picking a tomato, rubbing the dirt off of it, and eating it right out of the garden. my grandmother shelling peas, breaking beans, shucking corn. fresh, by far, is ALWAYS better tasting and better for you. your children are blessed! much love,angelia

Gabrielle said...

Hi gal! I stumbled across your blog today and didn't know you had one. Loved the post on organic gardening! I'm now following and look forward to future posts.

Tracey said...

Your garden looks awesome!! And the salad sounds delish! I started a VERY small garden this year for my first time ever. I have 6 tomatoes growing and I'm tickled to pieces! My girls love checking on them each day too. Gotta keep those toxins low too. Congrats on the thriving garden!

Tracey said...

I was not sure how to email you directly but I found some websites about vaccines recently that you might find interesting.
Here are the links: