Saturday, June 06, 2009

Fun Summer Adventures-Zoo

I have to say that I LOVE summer. Lots of fun things to do. No school! Sunshine. Summer rocks. I LOVE summer even more this year because I am only working 3 days per week. In case I haven't mentioned it here before, I have a WONDERFUL--seriously W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L employee named Jessica who works at my store 3 days a week. Jessica helps me get more organized. She's great with customers and she even rearranges the store to keep it fresh. Did I mention that she rocks? Anyway-- 2 days per week we go a fun adventure. On day 3 we stick around the house and I get some things done but we also try to do some activities. For the first time since my brick and mortar store opened last July, my kids' clothes are folded and put away. AND you can walk into my laundry room! YAY.

So for the important stuff, pictures and videos.

Thursday we went to the zoo with Miss Patty or "Smee Patty" as Kynsie calls her.

The petting zoo. I could NOT believe this little girl did this. So proud of her progress!

Too bad she hates to have her hair brushed!

Braylen LOVED the goats & sheep!

Note-Kyan is not in the pictures. The animals made him nervous. Maybe next time.

Kyan did LOVE climbing & sliding at Kids' Cove.

So did Sis.

Playing in the water! LOVE it.

Kyan so stinking CUTE in his swim diaper.

Kyan splashing

Climbing and jumping in was the best part!

Braylen's face is priceless. Pure BLISS!

Braylen on the turtle

Kiddos on the Lion. They LOVE him.

Watching the Gorillas. LOVE this picture!

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