Saturday, May 02, 2009

Swim Lessons Part 3 (Videos Included)

Swim Lessons have been a HUGE success. We still have several weeks to go, but the kids are doing GREAT! For the first few times, Patty and I had to get in the water, but now we sit on the side. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE swimming. Here are some videos.

Kyan and Sis with their special backpack floaties on. Mrs. Teresa helping Braylen get his backpack on.

Notice Kyan has ear plugs. Last week he told me "mommy, ear hot." I asked if it hurt, and he said "Ear hurts". This is a MAJOR milestone for us. Kyan has not been able to tell us what hurt or anything close until last week. Sidenote-What is most interesting is that he had a big speech explosion after we removed corn from the kiddos' diet. After going to the DAN! conference I learned alot about corn--super genetically modified, and also that when it is stored in silos it tends to grow fungus that is hard on humans and can cause behavioral and health issues. Kyan always ate corn chips like made--obsessively, which gave me the idea that he might have a sensitivity since kids with autism tend to crave the foods they are sensitive to. Well, we removed the corn and his language took off. Not sure why I am still surprised by the power of diet, but I never cease to be amazed. Anyway, after he told me his ear hurt, I took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with doubler inner ear infections and an outter ear infection in the ear that 'hurt'. Hence the orange ear plugs. Enjoy pics and videos. :)

Miss Patty helping Sis.


Braylen swimming all over the place with his pack on.

Videos below. I never realized how corny I sound until I heard myself on video. YIKES! I am that Mom. Super Gushy!

Playing motor boat with Mrs. Teresa

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Tracey said...

I am glad your kids loved the swimming. That is awesome. BTW, I had to take corn chips out for one of my dds too. I thought they might be cross contaminated but very interesting what you learned about corn. I am headed to a DAN! conference in June. Way to go Kyan for using his words. That is a big deal!