Friday, March 06, 2009

Update on My Mom

Thanks to those who have prayed for her and have asked about her. She is at home now using a walker and a wheelchair. We got graet news from the pathology tests. No cancer--very slight chance that there was, but still scary. AND, the infection is strep, not staph or MRSA, which is GREAT NEWS. Step was evidently the best case scenario in her situation because it generally responds well to treatment. She goes back to the doctor today for followup and will be seen often to make sure this does not recur.

The big goals are for Mom to get her diabetes under control. It is really hard to change the way you eat when you have been doing it the same way for over 60 years. But obviously, this isn't working for her. Please pray that she can put her health on the top of her priority list. I'm not ready to bury my parents yet.

She is also beginning to feel a bit depressed from this. I think the life and death, and possibly losing a leg scare is beginning to take its toll. Plus, my mom is very independent and used to going and doing, and now she is quite immobile and in pain. Naturally, that makes her a little blue. Please pray that she can work through that too and recover quickly.

Thanks again. More updates when I know more.

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