Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Pictures Finally

Finally, blogger is letting me finish adding pictures to this post. So, here are the munchkins Christmas day at our house. Kyan is playing with a new Backyardigans playset.

Braylen decided that the dres up clothes that we got for Sissy--Tutu included, and in particular, were way more fun for him to wear. Sadly, she was not in the least bit concerned with his hijacking her new wardrobe.

Sis & Mommy reading.

Braylen sporting the Tutu on Kynsie's new pink horse. I wish I could say that this was an isolated incident. The little guy just loves to dress up. I guess he is secure in his masculinity. :)

Play kitchen from Grammy & Grandad

On the road again.... the day agfter Christmas, we loaded up and headed to Mississippi to see Brandon's family. It was a 7 1/2 hour drive, but the kids were great. We had lots of snacks and a DVD player, which didn't hurt. They were only fussy the last 30 mins of the trip. And who can blame them? I was tired too.

Seriously--could he be any cuter?

Braylen's favorite snack is Gerber dried fruit. He likes the strawberries alot. Note the pink strawberry powder beard.

More snacks

Hershey went along with us. He was a great passenger and had a great time at Mamaw & Papaw's house.

Kyan with Daddy's toboggan on.

Sisssy singing in the back seat during a rest stop.

Kynsie is Mamaw's girl. :)

Papaw watching our kids destroy their living room. He enjoyed them too. :)

Braylen playing with his new slinky
Brandon will post more pictures from our Mississippi trip. Papaw is a graet photographer and he sent us home with a CD of the pics he took while we were there. There are some really good ones.
The picture below is Braylen wearing his daddy's cowboy boots that Mamaw saved for 27 years. They are almost 2 sizes too big but he wore them the whole time we were in MS. Below this picture is one of the days we were potty traning. He is wearing his big boy underwear and insisted on his boots. Funny boy. *Note* potty training was not a success. Trying again on spring break.

Braylen in yet another one of his get-ups. Tie-dyed orange and white beanie, Kynsie's pink beaded necklace, and red elmo shoes.

Here are some pictures. For some reason, the uploading stopped and wont alloow me to finish the post, but here is half of it. More to come as soon as the computer allows.

Christmas with our Cousins Curry & Caden (and Dustin, Suzanne, Grammy & Grandad)

Brandon & Sis opening a present

Grandad getting his wearable blanket. No more watching T.V. in your parka with the hood on, Dad. :)

Curry with a box as big as him.

Grammy opening her present. It was a cool collage that Suzanne put together of pics that we secretly had taken of all of the grandkids together. It took 2 rounds but we finally got them. I think she was surprised.

Dustin helping the boys open gifts.

A picture proving that my kids were actually at Christmas. They were having so much fun with Curry & Caden's toys that opening new presents wasn't a high priority. We opened their presents for them. They had SO much fun! They love going to their cousins' house.

We also had special christmas with Patty & Barbara.

Mommy & the boys.

Sis singing with Miss Barb.

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Mindy said...

Braylen has quite a sense of fashion, eh? Looks like you'll have PLENTY of blackmail material for his first girlfriend. :) Kynsie is going to be a heartbreaker & Kyan looks more & more like Brandon. Looks like they had a big time.