Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Thank you for your prayers. The kids had a WONDERFUL birthday. There were 20 adults and 7 kids there (including them) and they handled it beautifully. Dustin & Suzanne made the party so great. I did not have to do any of the work. All I did was show up with gluten-free cupcakes. She had the place decorated and Dustin prepared all of the food. It was really nice. The kiddos' party fell on their cousin Curry's actual birthday. He was happy to share the day with them, which was really nice of him. Here are some pictures:

Kynsie & Kyan checking out he Backyardigans decorations

Kyan doesn't know what to think of Backyardigans on a napkin

Curry and the back of Caden's head (didn't get any pics of him :( ) with his cool Darth Vader cake. He and Caden tought our kids how to blow their candles out. *Side Note* Braylen thinks Curry is the coolest thing ever. So cute!

Mommy and Daddy trying to convince Braylen to eat his cupcake. Nothing doing!

Sissy and the boys' stick pony.

Kyan checking out his new video.

Braylen was the only interested in actually opening the presents. He LOVED it.

New school bus from our cousins.

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Hilary said...

Happy Birthday to your kiddos. Wished I had known you were doing a Backyardigans theme. We did that one earlier this year and I have plates, etc left over I would have happily sent to you. I hate to throw away good stuff like that, but I don't really know what to do with it.