Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Big Kid" Beds...

To start this off, we have to say a "HUGE" thank you to Patty and Wayne who for the kids birthday wanted to get the kids "big kid" beds. so THANK YOU so much. We found decided to get them character beds and here are pictures of each...

For Kynsie...Dora the Explorer

For Braylen...Go, Diego, Go
And for Kyan...Elmo

I did not get a chance to take pictures of them actually on them because we were to busy trying to get them not to jump (imagine that...a 3 yr old jumping on the bed.) so i will try to get more with them on them and maybe in them.

do they like them? well let's just say we put them down at 8:45 and it is now 9:50 and I can still hear them talking about "dora..." "diego...and baby jaguar" and "la, la, la-la...elmo's world" yeah, they like them!!!!
we'll see if they actually go to sleep. we'll keep you posted!

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