Saturday, August 09, 2008

there's nothing wrong with a poodle...

ok, you've seen the pictures the newest member of our clan, hershey. we got him from the local animal center. i wanted to tell a little story that is rather funny because somehow hershey has become my dog! we got him for sunny to have with the kiddos. an extra set of ears, if you will. so let me set this up for you...

for a while now sunny and i have tossed around the idea of getting a dog for the kiddos. now, i will be honest. i am a man, i would one day like to own a truck, i would one day like to ride down the road with a dog in that truck with it's head hanging out the window (a little redneck i know, but i am from baldwyn, ms!) anyway, so as we are talking about dogs, i'm thinking about a lab (any color), golden retriever, or german shepard, even thought about a mastiff at one point. my thought was "hey, if someone is snooping around i want an animal that would make them think twice about coming in." and also selfishly to have a "manly" dog (keep this in mind as the story unfolds)

so in talking with my better half, she informs me that it is indeed her that will be home with the dog and 3 (three) kids and she does not want a horse in the house! i have to concede and say ok. how can you argue with logic and a woman?

anyway, my thinking then changes to getting sunny a dog. this will be her dog and will be a companion to the kids. maybe when they are bigger i can get my lab or golden or german shepard, i am thinking. so we begin looking for sunny a dog. i keep saying that because that will make this a little more funny. so we look at cock-a-poos, mini-poodles, cocker spaniels...something that will be good with kids. then we decide that we need it to be hypo-allergenic, i.e. non-shedding. so it has to be something mixed with a poodle. (good thing this is sunny's dog)

it just so happens, we were watching the news the other night and there was a special on the young-williams animal shelter. they were having an adoption special and had some cute dogs shown. so what a great time to look around for a pet. well, we saw two shih-tzu's that we thought were cute and sunny wanted one. but by the next day they had been adopted, but the lady said that hershey was available. so sunny went to see him and called me to say he was a cute fuzz ball and was really mild mannered. so the next night we take the kids to see him and he was fine the kids had a melt down and all, but he tolerated them fine. So we decide to adopt him.

*whew* we got sunny a dog. well i go pick him up the next day and bring him home before the kids got up from their nap and they were excited to see him. well, i didn't notice it at first, but hershey was on my right heel the entire night. then once the kids went to bed, he was right beside me. so we sat there watching tv and all and decided to get ready for bed. we get ready for bed and yes, i put the dog on the bed. told sunny i wouldn't but i'm a sucker. and to make matters worse, where does he snuggle up????

you guessed it, right next to me! and as of this posting, sunny and the kids are downstairs playing and eating dinner and hershey is right outside the computer room door upstairs! (he would be right beside me, but there is a gate there.)

so instead of a labrador retriever, golden retriever or german shepard...I have a miniature poodle to ride around in my (one day i will own) truck with his head hanging out the window.

and that is why i say...there is nothing wrong with a poodle!!!

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Mandy said...

Congratulations on the new addition.I bet the kids are so excited!