Saturday, August 09, 2008

Forever in Blue Jeans, Babe

So today I am working at my store and Brando is home with the kiddies. He sends me pics on these days to show me what I am missing. :)

It is a balmy 84 degrees here, so he put the kids in blue jeans for their playtime outside, in hopes of discouraging the mosquitos. In case I haven't mentioned it here before, apparently our children are quite tasty as the 'skeeters' just love chewing on them :(. The boys are especially prone to bites. Braylen tends to get the worst of it. He has been to the doc once and ER once this summer with mosquito bites. Both times his hear was at least twice (closer to 3 times) the normal size due to a bite. Pitiful. Anyway--the pics of them in jeans are cute. Unfortunately, the bugs were undeterred. Kyan got 5 bites on his face alone. We may add those pics later.

For now, blue jeans pics and of course, one of our newest baby, Hershey.

B showing a little sag in his cousin Caden's Jeans.


Is he going to be a heartbreaker or what?

Sis & Dolly

Hershey in his new yard.
Here is a video of Braylen and crew. Braylen likes to read us his books and here he is reading it to Hershey!!!

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