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Let's Talk Turkey

GFCF Grocery List

Almond Milk- $2.69/carton (we go through approx 3 cartons per day) Over $250 in Milk alone each month. Occasionally, we get lucky and get them 2 for $4.

Gerber 3rd Foods $.69 Each (2-3 per day) $62 per month
Gerber has the best assortment of GFCF baby food. My kids still eat baby food because of their sensory issues. They gag and vomit on certain textures. I told our DAN! doctor that I don't want them going to college on baby food, but I dont want them starving either. He said that for neurotypical kids, when they get hungry enough they will eat. Not so for Sensory Integration kids. He said "They will literally starve. I have seen this happen".

Gerber 2nd Foods $.79 Each (4 per day) $95 per month
2nd foods are the best way for me to get protein/meat in my kids. Kynsie eats no chicken, ham, or turkey at all. She literally gags if it enters her mouth. Kyan eats a bite or 2. Braylen eats everything--he has no sensory issues. I should mention that I have made GFCF meat puree recipes, and the kids gag and refuse to eat them. I just can't get mine as smooth as Gerber.

GFCF Applegate Farms Uncured Beef Hot dogs
-$4.79 (pack of 8 hotdogs/eat 6-8packs per month) $38/month
These are safe hotdogs because they do not have the dangerous nitrites or nitrates. In addition, they are the only meat Kynsie will actually eat.

Annie's Organic Ketchup (to coat aforementioned hot dogs so boys will eat them) 1 Bottle-$4.99

Tapioca Sandwich Bread Loaf $4.29 (5 per month) $21.50/month

Vegan GFCF 'Cheese' singles $3.89 (8 slices/pack-2 packs per month)$8/month

Motts All-Natural Apple sauce Singles $1.92(6 pack (10 6-packs per month) $19.20
This applesauce is specified for GFCF diet b/c it does not have any "Natural Flavors" which usually include gluten, It also does not ahve any nasty dyes or added sugar, which both have been shown to cause behavior problems. We use this applesauce to give Cod Liver oil to the kiddos each day. We have to hide that nasty liquid somehow. This is the best thing we've found so far.

$2.99/lb Kids eat 1-2 Pears per day. Approximately $30/month

Organic Apples $2.99/lb Kids eat 2 Apples per day Approximately $30 per month

Conventional Bananas $.50/lb Kids eat 2 bananas per day. Approximately $8 per month

What is Organic Food?

Conventional food is what most Americans buy. It is less expensive. Usually conventional produce is larger and shinier and less nutritious. In addition, conventional produce tends to have significant pesticide residue, which it not safe for human consumption. These pesticides are particularly dangerous for my kids and any vulnerable person. Anyone with health concerns, lowered immunity, neurological disorders, cancer, etc. is wise to buy organic as much as possible. If you must by conventional, invest in some veggie wash or just use some gentle dish detergent and wash your produce very well. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Why is Organic Food More expensive?

Fruit Leather (like a Fruit Roll-up) $.50 each (6-8 per month/treat)$4.00

Gerber Pear Juice $1.89 (3 bottles per month)$4.00/month

GFCF Pudding (1 box makes 4 servings) (1 or 2 per month) $1.49/each

Organic/All Natural Eggs 1 Dozen per Month $2.89

What is the difference between All-Natural & Organic?

Organic is the ideal, but for us All-natural is what we sometimes have to go with for financial reasons.

Van's Gluten Free Waffles $3.29/8-pack Kids eat 2 per day $26.32/month

Perky O's GFCF Cereal (like Cheerios) $4.99/box Kids eat 2 boxes per month $10.00/month

Panda Puffs GFCF Cereal $4.29 (small box) Kids eat 1-2 boxes per month. $6.50/month

Organic Brown Rice Crackers $3.29/pack (Kids eat 4-5 packs per
month) $15.00/month

Dehydrated Apple Snacks (6 individual servings) $6.99/6-pack (Kids eat 2 6-packs per month) $14/month

Those are great crunchy & nutritious special snacks for therapy days.

Organic Frozen Peas & Carrots $2.98 small pack (1 pack per month) $2.98/month

Envirokids Rice Bars (like granola bars) $4.69/6-pack box. (Kids eat 1-2 per day) $35/month

Organic Ground Beef $6/lb (I buy 2lbs per month for them) $12/month
only Braylen eats it, but I keep trying.

GFCF Ian's Chicken Nuggets $5.99/12 nuggets (I buy 2 boxes per month) $12/month Braylen and sometimes Kyan will eat these.

Hormel All Natural Chicken Breast Pre-cooked $4.50/each (I think. Can't find receipt) I buy 2 of these per month $9/month
Only Braylen eats it...are you noticing a pattern???

Hormel All Natural Deli Ham Slices $3.99/pack (I buy 2 packs per month) $8/month And guess who eats it? YUP, Braylen!

Hormel All Natural Ham (not sliced) 2 lbs. $8. I buy one of these per month $8/month I cut this up in chunks, but only the big boy eats it. He LOVES MEAT!

So the average grocery bill each month for our kiddos only is....DRUM ROLL PLEASE...... $750.

Too bad Brandon and I have to eat.

Gluten and Casein can both be absorbed through the skin. Gluten is in almost everything because of it's stickiness. It is in glue, stamps, stickers, breads, art/school supplies such as crayons, glue, finger paint, play-doh, and personal care products such as soap, shampoo, lotions, toothpaste, detergent, and virtually anything you can think of. So, in addition to the above list, we also buy GFCF soap/shampoo, body oil/lotion, and toothpaste for the kiddos.

To give you an idea of cost there, California Baby GFCF baby soap/shampoo costs $9.99 for 8.5 oz. So we buy that approximately every 2 mos. The conditioner for Kynsie costs the same. We only buy it every 3 mos or so.


Ok, so All of this math has made me tired. Next time I will do my best to talk about how the diet has changed our lives, and the progress we are seeing, AND I will try to get Brandon to put some recent videos of each of the kids on here just so we can BRAG a bit. :)

I also have to talk more about supplements and shipping pee-pee to Paris, France for testing. That was an experience. More soon!

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