Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hello Friends. I have great news! As I mentioned in a previous email, I entered a contest for my website/organization.


There are 8 finalists and we all start over at 0 votes.

So if you voted before, please vote again. Here is the link:

There are only 6 more days to vote! I will find out on Friday if I won!

What is The Faces Of Autism?

The Faces of Autism is a website/organization that will serve as a support for parents and family members of children with Autism. Parents will go to the site, and upload either a family photo or a photo of their Autistic child's face. then they will fill out a basic questionaire that tells their child's diagnosis, treatment and therapy regimen, dietary changes, and other specifics that might help other parents. In addition, there will be a space for the parents simply to tell their story. I believe that we all have a story to tell, and in the telling, there is healing. Parents of Autistic children need this healing and support desperately. I feel it is my calling to provide this opportunity for healing.

In addition, there will be resources posted, definitions of diagnoses, links to support groups, and warning signs for Autism. All of these things will make this site useful to all parents.

This issue is close to my heart because 2 of my 3 children are on the Autistic Spectrum. WIth all of the recent news about the statistics of Autism, I find that all that is ever reported is just numbers. It is my opinion that until we see the faces behind the numbers, it will be hard to make change. So, in the spirit of helping these children and their famililies, was born.

This site is presently under construction thanks to the kind donation of a webdesigner. I anticipate the site to be up and running in mid-March.

Thank you for your Vote. PLEASE forward this to your address book. This is a grass roots project, and I am dependent on you to get the word out!



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