Thursday, September 13, 2007

Birthday time...

So I had a birthday on tuesday and it was great. My office has the habit of decorating your cubicle for your birthday...this year I had a Dr. Pepper theme...well, b/c I love Dr. Pepper. I believe that there will be Dr. Pepper fountains in Heaven, right beside the Chick-fil-A (i'm kidding of course, b/c I know that they won't be in Heaven, but it's as close as you can come on the earth!!! there's nothing like an ice cold Dr. Pepper (or Diet D.P.) and a Chick-fil-A sandwich or nuggets!!!)

Here are some pics of my "office".

They also had pictures of the kiddos with Dr. Pepper cans that are priceless...I've got to send these to Dr. Pepper b/c they have to use these pics...How cute are they???

I'm a Pepper
You're a Pepper
Don't you want to be a Pepper too??

Hope you all are doing well...


a wandering heart said...

Those are priceless. When I spent 4 weeks in MX, I really missed my Dr. Pepper.


stephen lee cavness said...

happy *belated* birthday!
looks like it was a good one!