Wednesday, August 29, 2007

new pics from papaw

Papaw sent me a disk of pictures that he took on their visit. here are some of them...they are great! Thanks Papaw!!!

Kynsie stretching...

Kyan getting ready to eat...

braylen - "where's my food dad?"

Kynsie was so ready to eat that she climbed in her chair before lunch was we gave her cheerios...

kyan and his sippy cup
Braylen after sweet potatoes...notice the orange glow around the mouth!
waiting on dessert...he's clearly missed a couple of meals!!!
Papaw and Kyan
Papaw and Kyan part 2Papaw with his hands full!!!
this is kynsie's eye the day after her surgery
kyan snacking on a rice cake
mamaw grace and kyan
can i have more please?

"where's braylen?" he covers his ears to play's so cute. i also used picasa to make this a sepia photo
that's all for now...more to come later...

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