Saturday, April 01, 2006

A few pictures...

Hello. This is jsut a photo post really--no time to chat. :) Hopefully I can give you another episode of the days of our lives soon! :)


Braylen playing

Tummy time with the boys (Braylen on left Kyan on right)

Just found out that Kyan has a tickle spot under his neck

Braylen playing with Daddy

"Man this thumb tastes sooooo good!!"

Kynsie & Kyan playing on the floor gym

Kynsie striking a pose

Kyan & daddy playing


Mindy said...

It is so obvious with these pictures that they are the spitting image of their momma, especially in the first one of Braylen (sorry Brandon). He also looks a lot like Curry in that pic.
I showed Jennifer McClure (my new-found friend in class) and she oohed and awwed about how adorable they are.

OKeedokey said...

They are so beautiful!! i love the pictures.

Addie said...

so adorable