Friday, December 09, 2005

well friends...

we have some good news...
THEY'RE HOME!!!!!!!!!

Braylen was first last wednesday, then Kynsie this past sunday, and then Kyan yesterday. needless to say, it has been kind of crazy around our house this last week!! They have grown so much from when they were born. all are over 5 lbs now and Kyan is the chunkiest!!! in the picture above they are (from left to right) Kynsie, Kyan, and Braylen. they sleep and then they eat every 3 hrs. (8a.m.,11a.m.,2p.m.,5p.m.,8p.m.,11p.m.,2a.m., is a viscious schedule!) but luckily we have some help. Sunny's mom, Mrs. Diane is here and helping us out tremendously. today was the first day with all three of our little guys and it was stressful but so fun. we fed and changed all three of them every time and let me tell you that they are ALL POOPERS!!!! we are figuring out what Sunny can and can't eat, because it makes the kids very regular. which could be a good thing and could not. it is funny to be holding a baby and feeding them and have them poot right on you and the smell burns your nose hairs (sorry for the gross description, but those of you with children know what i'm talking about!)

we are starting to get adjusted to having the babies home and it is a pretty good feeling knowing that all of them are home and safe. they are all on monitors and we have to keep a watch on them. they are so dad' gum cute. it is amazing the love that you feel for the little ones.

here are just some pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Braylen ready to go

Kynsie ready to go

Kyan ready to go

well...after fooling with this site for 45 minutes, i can't get any more pictures loaded, but i will get more on here tomorrow, for it is Saturday and i possibly will have more time to work with this. I am going to try to get some individual pictures of Kynsie, Kyan and Braylen to put on here...right now, it is getting close to feeding time and i should go.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your beautiful children! Get some sleep, if you can, while you can. They are going to be such a joy!