Sunday, November 27, 2005

3 weeks and counting

here we are in week three. this post will be kind of long because i've saved some pictures from all week. Braylen, Kyan and Kynsie are now in a crib together. they are without feeding tubes now and are breast feeding and eating from a bottle to supplement. they are doing great. here is a picture of our "peas in a pod!"
Kynsie in front, Kyan in middle, Braylen in rear

Earlier in the week we had a chance to bath Kyan. needless to say, he DID NOT LIKE IT!!! his little bottom is so raw (b/c he POOPS EVERY DIAPER) that he did not like to be in the water.
wait, you said i was going to eat...

why are you doing this to me?

i'm ok now, mom...i'm safe...

Tonight (Sunday) we took an infant CPR class and a discharge class because they think that we might get to bring the little ones home next week sometime. we are going to tr to "room-in" at the hospital tuesday night. this is where we can go stay in the hospital in a room that is set up like a hotel room and they bring the babies in, but the nurses are right there outside the door if we need them. this helps us get used to the monitors that they will come home with. they have to give the kids a "car seat challenge" before they can come home. this is where they sit the baby in the seat and make sure that they can maintain themselves at the 45 degree angle and all with out any major problems...they all passed. Here is a picture of Braylen in his seat...isn't he cure???
let me hear you?

following are just some pictures from tonight at the hospital.

braylen sleeping

mom and braylen
dad and Kyan

braylen eating
i realize that i haven't put that many pictures of Kynsie on here and will correct that later in the week. i am tired now and wish to hit the hay. i hope that you all have a great week and i will try and post here monday or tuesday night.

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Addie said...

I cant get over how good Sunny looks, not to mention those sweet little ones...

I cant believe you are getting to go home so soon, thats amazing! God is really watching over you guys