Sunday, November 13, 2005


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Braylen, Kynsie, Kyan

"for those about to rock..."

Hello, i'm Braylen Hall

Today our bundles are one week old!!! that is so hard to imagine. they are doing well; however, they are starting to show signs that they are 33 weeks old. they have had to go down to only 3 bottle feedings a day, and the rest are through their feeding tubes. this allows them to rest more between feedings and will help them get more calories. if they bottle feed all the time, they burn more calories than they are taking in. we thought that this was a back-slide for them, but the dr. seemed to think that it was a good thing for them. they are doing well for their gestational age. Kyan, Kynsie, and Braylen are in thier isolets now and are wearing little clothes (see above) and are maintaining their body temperature on their own.
Please continue to pray for the little guys because they are still small and need prayer as they continue to grow.
Today we got to feed them and change their diapers. I changed Kyan and he just had a little poo, but Sunny changed Braylen and she said that he had a monster poo and then she took a little longer than what he thought she should and he wizzed all over the place!!! WHAT FUN!!!
anyway, gotta go sleep because i start back to work tomorrow.
take care and will update with more later...


Mandy Webb Jones said...

I love the updates! I check them every day. They are all so precious, I can't wait to meet them!! Love to you all!

Kristy Krotzer said...

Oh my word. Those are the three cutest things I have ever seen. I have not been able to load your site at work for some reason so I was way behind. I am glad to hear that they are doing so good! They truly are precious!!!!

Talk to you soon!

Addie said...

oh, brandon, they are adorable, and I know you are just so excited... :)

Anonymous said...

they are the best looking babies since their dad was a baby. love you all grand paw H.