Friday, November 11, 2005

Day 5 update!!!

hello all,

Today we went to the hospital to visit with our babies. today they were off the photo-theray lights and had their sunglasses off. with their glasses off, you can really see their faces and see their reactions! i have put some pictures here from today. the babies are laying in this order (and I have spelled them right!) Braylen, Kyan, Kynsie.

active bundles of joy
sleeping bundles of joy
Sweet Dreams
Trio of Fun
Mom and Dad with babies

all their iv's have come out and they are eating 25cc's of food. they are increasing food every time they eat. it's wonderful. and today after their 2 o'clock feeding, they all had a poo...(WOOO-HOOO...all the parents know how exciting poo is). they are doing very well and hoping to continue. please continue to pray for them.
when we got to the hospital this morning, they were sleeping and then they would kick around and move and squirm, but when we put them all together, they got all still and laid so still that we could move them all at one time. it was so neat to see.
i will update with more pictures later...enjoy the pictures


Mary Beth said...

They're so beautiful!!! Congratulations!

amanDA said...

OH MY!!! I just love them. Congrats. God bless.
Oh, in that "Sweet Dreams" picture, Braylen totally has on a Brandon Hall smile.
Love to the kiddos! And Sunny.