Sunday, September 04, 2005

and now another exciting episode...

actually, would you call this an episode?? well, i do know that there are some of you that tune in every week to see what is going on. and this week i will not disappoint. here we sunny is in week 23!!!

it's hard to tell, but i do know that they are starting to kick like crazy!!! i feel them now and you can also start to see them kicking. it is by far the coolest thing i have ever seen. ok, well a quick catch up on the was a fairly long/quick week depending on who you ask. it seemed to go by fairly fast, but to some folks that stay couped up inside all day it went by rather slowly. it's hard to pass the time from the confinds of four walls. there are times when she does get out and sniff the fresh air (if you can call it that!!) and we do have Wadsworth to keep her company. he just lays at the end of the bed and looks at you like "why are you not petting me".
we watched the UT game on Sat. and it was a fairly decent game. nothing really impressive so i will leave it at that. let's wait and see how they fair against Florida in two weeks. if your wondering why i'm talking college football, see the previous post. i will say this that on Friday, everyone i knew had on Orange. Even the newscasters on the 11 o'clock news had on Orange ties. This is a phenomenon that I do not understand! (but i do own a couple orange shirts and a Tennessee hat---it's blue/was blue, more grey now)
we go tuesday for another checkup on tuesday and then the next week we go for a full ultrasound the next tuesday to make sure that everyone is growing like they should. please keep us in your prayers...
well, as you can tell, i don't have anything to rant about today so i will bid you farewell and have a happy Labor Day.

grace and peace

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