Sunday, August 21, 2005

Week 21 update

Well, we've arrived at week 21 and all is well!!! i've included here for your viewing enjoyment 2 pictures from week 21. we thought it would be neat to include 2 shots this week to show just how large her belly is getting!!!

( now turn and face forward)
WOW! this is so cool. she is growing every day and sometimes it seems like overnight she just pops out there!! it's so cool to watch...sometimes she doesn't think so, but it's neat to see her grow. until you really see the front and side view, you can't really tell the size of her belly. we will continue to monitor this and update each week. if you dont think that she has gotten big, just look at the previous posts with the pictures from early on and then look at this one...ther is definate growth!!!

while i'm posting this, i'm watching her belly and can see it jump every once in a while when one of them move. you can also feel it kicking more SO COOL

well, that's about all i have for tonight, but i will post again later...hope that all are doing well.

grace and peace


Addie said...

that is so cool... Im so happy for you guys

Marie said...

I love your blog!!!! I wish you guys luck on your new baby. I am a mother of two (3,4). You are in for a wild ride!!!!
Keep blogging!!!

Jonathan said...

hey, hope everything is continuing to go well. Just wanted to let you know my first day of school went really well. I really liked my first two classes and am looking forward to my Banking class tonight. The Tupelo campus is awesome. Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon. Much Love...

Kristy Krotzer said...

God bless you and your growing belly!

Mindy said...

ahh...your belly is so cute and round. i loved feeling the baby kick (or babies in your case - that must be wild feeling more than one at a time) - that was my favorite part of being pregnant

Haley Littleton said...

Hey Brandon and Sunny! I have thinking about you and wondering how you are. I went to Mindy's blog and then saw that yall had one too! I was so excited. I love seeing belly pictures. Sunny, I will pray, pray, PRAY for you girl. We can talk pregnancy and babies anytime!

Haley Littleton