Wednesday, August 24, 2005

unwelcomed guests

ok, so today when i got home from work, i checked our blog to see who had left a witty comment or said hello and found that we had been attacked by some "spammers" or somebody that just left little notes on our site...WHAT?!?!?!? so anyway, i have now blocked all "anonymous" posters from putting their two sense in. anybody that we know, please feel free to post and leave us comments otherwise, find another blog to post on. sorry if this offends anyone, but oh well.
on another note, haley littleton...HELLO!!!!! what's going on? you and andrew should get a blog and join the community!!

and the saga continues...


MB said...

Oh sweet Lord you have grown SO MUCH Sunny! It was good to re-aquaint at the wedding. I'm in NYC now getting ready to start Columbia. My blog is loverunningdeep if you wanna check it out. Take care.

Mindy said...

i saw all those random posts on there like if you want a free credit report blah, blah, blah... hope they don't find our blog. Kisses and hugs to Sunny and little ones - I'm counting down the days until I can come and visit.