Sunday, August 14, 2005

knock, knock...who's there...

well, today marks 20 weeks!!!! YAY!!!! while this is a joyous occasion, we still would like you to continue to pray that the babies will stay put for another 10 weeks at minimum. Our title for today comes from our three little ones, because they have started to move about and kick!!! sunny has felt them for a couple of days, but this afternoon I got to feel the little girl kick (or at least i think it was her) It was SO AWESOME!!! i can't wait till all three of them start kicking at one time and i can see them moving...i know that Sunny looks forward to that as well!!!!
Things are going well...we are going Tuesday for another full ultrasound to make sure everyone is growing like they should. We'll have an update then and hopefully some new Ultrasound pictures of the babies!!!
some of you have asked us about names. that is a good question...we are mulling over names now, but b/c we have 6 names to pick out, it will be a while before we decide and when we do it will be a secret until they get here!! so thank you for your input and questions, but we will not be telling until the day that they arrive. but if you want to put money on a name and start a pool of what the names will be...go right ahead and make checks payable to Brandon or Sunny Hall!! i wanted to put a list of names on here that were bogus and run a poll of what you guys thought and let you guys vote, but i was denied in my efforts because sunny thought it would be cruel...since we had no intention of using any of the names that would have been on here!
well i will leave with one question...does anyone know who this is??


Anonymous said...

Hmm...I wonder what the REST OF THE STORY is???

Good day!


Addie said...

that looks like Joel from conan o- brien, I could be wrong though

Brando said...

no fair, greg cheated. HAHAHA!!!

Maggie said...

I thought that guy looked familiar. I remember when he came on tv after days of our lives. I was like 5 yrs old.
YAY! We got to see the belly. So cute. :)

Mom Hall said...

Showing these pics to Mamaw Grace and Mrs. Tonya (my new helper) and Mamaw says it's Paul Harvey, "Now you know the rest of the story"! Love the updates and those comments Brando. Talk soon. Love to all FIVE plus Wadsworth!