Saturday, August 13, 2005


ok, so because sunny is going to be working from home i bought a wireless card and a router for the house. last night, i started to install everything and i got all the wires right and i got everything in place...i restarted the computer and BAM!!! can not connect...UGH...i tried that for 3 hours and still nothing...i uninstalled things and reinstalled them and still nothing. So i called the Knology people (who we have our internet service with) and they helped get the internet working again. so today, i try it again and it finally worked!! for now. as much as i like computers and think that i know a little, there is so much that i do not know and will probably not know, ever.
anyway, we went "yard saling" this morning with our friends Greg and Katie and lil' Luke. we went several places but did not find to much. it was a fun time...then we went Target and looked around. We came home and took a small nap and then were going to go looking for minivans. well, the first place we went had 1, ONE. it was a chevy dealership and they had ONE Venture van. (are you serious?) so we called another place (because it was raining like we should be buying a boat instead of a van) and they only had like 3 so we decided to rent Hitch and come home...we'll update you on how the movie is.

Happy Birthday (belated) to Mindy . Hope you had a great birthday.
till later...grace and peace

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Addie said...

did you like the movie, I thought it was great... good luck with the van search