Thursday, August 04, 2005

Coming soon...

I promise!! we are getting internet service at home friday so that Sunny can begin to work from home. then i will be able to post more and download a TON of pictures to the site. I have pictures of once a week from week 15 till now week 18 and some other things to put on here. i hope that all are doing well. we are doing ok. growing day by day! it's starting to get a little uncomfortable for her but i think we can work through it.
more later when i have time...keep checking back with us!!


Greg & Katie said...

Finally you are getting internet at's about time! I guess that is why you are having they can show you how to use the computer soon! Kidding! That is to you soon!

Mom said...

Good Morning! TGIF I hope! Dad and I and ewveryone who knows triplets are on the way,ask everyday how things are. I hope we can talk this weekend. Dad is completely "off" Saturday.

Sunny it was so good for all of us to talk to you yhe other night! I know it was crazy talking to five of us but it meant alot. I want to see ya'll so much. Thank goodnes for internet! Make Brando take good care of you, I know he will. Love ya'll. We'll talk this wekend.

Ya'll have a good day and we'll talk the weekend.

Ready for those update pictures!

Mom Hall

Oh, remind me to mention an idea I had to see if when the babies are born if ya'll would want to give out something like the candy,gum goodies to people announcing the arrival. I would pay for it and have them sent to ya'll. Dana is the lady that does these things and she has some examples on her web site for things like this to. When you have time you can go to www. and see.


Brando said...

we are definately going to be doing a little more updating as soon as the internet comes along to the hall household!

Jonathan said...

Glad to see things are going well. It'll be great when yall can update more. Hope to talk to you soon. Much love from the younger one...Jonathan