Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This week on...

Hello and welcome back to another exciting episode of "WE'RE HAVING TRIPLETS". Welcome back friends, family, and neighbors. This week has been a good one. We are getting registered at different places. We went this past Sunday night to Target and registered for some gifts. MAN, there are a ton of things that babies need (and then there is the fact that we have to multiply that by 3). We looked at things from socks to gowns to cribs to bibs to diapers and such. And let me say this, they only make things in certain colors...Pink, blue, green, yellow, etc...well, as we were registering it became a pattern of certain things. Blue, Yellow, Pink or Green. I told Sunny that it felt like we were getting ready to have Power Rangers b/c we would say well this could be for Baby A (blue), this could be for Baby B (yellow) and this could be Baby C (pink). How do you make the madness stop :) ?
Anyway, she said that I worried to much and that I shouldn't worry about it, and that if things were the same color that the kids would recognize that as their own and not fight over things. So, I see that, but I'm not sure of the Power Ranger feel. ALSO, we are now going to look for a "mini-van". I once felt that you had to be at a certain point in life before you were ready for a "mini-van". Well, I'm there!!! At first, I was like, "I'm only 25, I don't need a mini-van", but then I thought and there really is no way around it. So, we are going to be in the lookout for one...I think one that looks like the "Mystery Machine" from Scooby-Doo would work just fine!!
Ok...enough about me...Sunny is doing great and the babies are growing everyday. Please pray for continued growth and strong heartbeats. I am trying to figure out how to get pictures on here since our computer is broken at home. BUT...don't fear, I will find a way and I WILL get the new pictures on here soon. I do want you guys to see the ultra-sounds where we found out that we are having 2 Boys and 1 Girl. The boys, yes, are very proud of themselves (thus the fear of Power Rangers)
until next time friends...oh yeah...Mindy..."C" is for cookie, it's good enough for me...

---we hope you've enjoyed this weeks exicting show. tune in next week for more!!!

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Mom said...

Good morning to both (+ three) of you. Just taking a minute first thing this morning to see if there was an update. I thought about both of you from the wekend till now and meant to call but....

Glad to hear everyone is doing fine. I like that blue,green,pink idea but then I'm not
going to be the one changing them and if you run out of one's color and have to borrow one of the others oh well, it will work out.

Let's talk on the phone one
evening when you have time. Love to both of you (and A.B,C.)

Excited wainting be be grandma or something better like NANA or something!

Take care!