Sunday, May 01, 2011

Since I last wrote....TORNADO, literal, not figurative

So, in the way of updates, we saw Dr. Bernui on April 21. Kynsie & Braylen got minor changes to supplements, and 6 vials of blood. OUCH! Took 4 adults to get that from each of them. Kyan got as much blood, new supps & a urine test. I gave in and asked for prescription meds for his behavior. Our doc ordered the urine test to determine dopamine, seratonin, etc. levels. Due to the constraints of this test, I am not sure how I possibly get this test done. I called back on Wednesday after continued hell on earth with Kyan's behavior and asked again for meds. He offered a new supplement and I asked them to overnight it. At this point, I may go to the pediatrician. We need relief yesterday, and the fight in me is gone. This morning before church Kyan was flipping out and almost didn't get to go. Once we got there he flipped out again because he forgot his bible, and had to stay in the van. Finally calmed down enough to come in and he made it 30 minutes before he flipped out again and Brandon had to take him out. I'm talking 4 full on tantrums before lunch. I can't do it. This is why women leave their children and don't look back. Yes, I know how horrible that sounds. I will not ever leave, but I can finally get my brain around why they do it. I can't change him and I cannot live like this either. COMPLETELY MISERABLE. His teacher pulled me aside on Friday and asked me if his behavior has worsened because it has at school. She too is frustrated and has run out of answers for him. In the name of peace for the rest of the students she has chosen to give in to his anger, which is a TERRIBLE idea, but I can't say I blame her. It's not a choice we make in regards to him, but our ways aren't working either. In a nutshell, everyone is waiving a white flag when it comes to Kyan.

AS for the tornado, an EF-1 came through 04/27/11 with a torrent of golf ball sized hail that beat the tar out of our house and downed 4 trees....big ones. Fence broken in 2 places, siding busted up, roof beat up. Can ou say $1,000 deductible? But all of us are safe. We have much to be grateful for. I still hope that the black cloud that has been following us will soon retreat. My steam mop blew up yesterday. Just add that to the list of expensive things we can't (at the moment) afford to replace. UGGGG!

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