Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lousy, No Good, Rotten Day

pretty much sums it up. i am typing this from my phone b/c internet died e days ago. and naturally, i have something to blog about. weedeater also died. hot water heater not only died, but also went the extra mile. we filed home warranty clai and plumber shared w/ us that is is improperly installed and we are lucky house ddidnt blow up or that we didnt end up w/ carbon monoxide poisoning b/c there is no vent for gas. that little fun fact is going to cost us twenty five hundred cool ones. and incdientally, it appears we wasted that three hundred dollars on a home inspection. somehow he missed the bomb in the crawl space. go figure. because this week is the gift that keeps on giving, somone hacked my debit card and charged seven hundred and eighty dollars on my account. that was money to pay toward water heater. again, awesome. and the symbols on my phone arent working, so im spelling everything out. no clue when money will be back or if other chargs were made. cant check account on internet b/c internet @ home not working. once more, see title of this post.

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Kim said...

Yeah. That is a s.u.c.k.y. day. Sorry but hope that things start looking up.