Tuesday, October 05, 2010


this is not new news, but its worthy of repeating. a 5 pt harness car seat is hands down the safest way to secure your child in a vehicle. A rearfacing child is SIGNIFICANTLY safer than a forward facing child, even if the child's legs are bent while rearfacing. we kept our kids rearfacing until after age 2, and I sometimes wish we had waited even longer. We just put a DVD player in the back so they could watch movies during long car rides. We played their music for day to day travel and had no problems. If the child doesn't know any better, rear facing is a non-issue for the kiddo.

My kids will be in a 5 pt harness until 80lbs. There are several car seats that allow bigger kids to still have a 5 pt harness instead of a booster. Check out this blog for good info.


Answers said...

this little boy's story broke my heart. Thank you for sharing.

the hansens said...

hi! we have 18 month old triplets and i'm trying to figure out a vaccine schedule (so far they have had zero). do you have any advice? we are going to california and i'm worried about pertussis. thank you :>

Sunny said...

here is a great link: http://www.generationrescue.org/vaccines

I personally would be more afraid of pertussis in infants. also--are you going to where the 'outbreak' is? californa is a large state, and your kids may have already had pertussis. most kids do before age 5. I would look up info about the 'outbreak'. it is largely overblown by media and most people who are infected have been vaxed for pertussis, so it may not sure its an issue for you.