Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tomorrow...tomorrow! I love ya, Tomorrow!

Today stunk it up pretty seriously. When we go into school, we go into a certain door to drop B & Sis off with their teachers. To go in that door means to pass an elevator, which Kyan is TOTALLY PHOBIC about. I mean flips out, runs past and cries if we try to ascend the stairs nearby. PHOBIC. He obsesses about it every morning. So it started again this morning, and we managed to survive walking through the door, but since we were late, we had to take the other 2 to their class before going to Kyan's. He wanted to go in with them, and began crying and running down the hall. He didn't want to go in his class, and threw a fit, and a pencil (across the room, no less). After much crying, snuggling and asking me not to leave, I did leave. I called to check on him 1.5 hrs later, which I never do (because he never flips out like that about being left at school-NEVER EVER). He was fine, and the day went OK. Our babysitter Erin (who we love) picked them up and took them to the playground. Kyan sat in the shade with her...good sign that something is up. She brought them back to my store. Brandon picked them up to take them home. He stopped for gas 2 blocks from our house. Kyan was awake and playing with Brandon through the window as he pumped gas. So imagine his surprise when he got home to find a zonked Kyan. He laid him down and little man took a 1.5 hr nap. He woke up super cranky. Tomorrow he has a day off with me. Here's hoping it goes better than today. None of us wants another day like today with Kyan. He has been so sweet this summer, that all of this drama-hitting, kicking, screaming, fit-throwing is just plain depressing. I hope he evens out soon. Surely we aren't going back down that road again. If so, I need to liquor up quick.

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