Saturday, July 10, 2010

These Days

I was supposed to get up and run this morning, but a sweet little guy needed Mommy snuggles. running will wait. More and more I become aware that these days of sweet innocence are numbered. Far too soon they will realize that I am not cool, and will no longer want to give me "one last hug & kiss". The very thought of it breaks my heart. I understand that it is just part of life, but I find myself clinging to this phase with all of my might. I pray for them to grow into strong, kind, Christian men & lady, but I want the days to slow. These days are still exhausting, but as I lad my hands on them to pray last night, I prayed that God will cover them and keep them warm and protect them in the years to come when they are not sleeping under my roof...when I am not there to be sure they are well-fed, clothed and covered. In all of those moments when they are out of my sight, I pray that He will guard them as fiercely as I do. When I place my hands on each of them to pray, I can see them as a young man/woman. I pray that we get them to the other side of childhood unscathed. I hope we don't screw up so largely that we send them to a therapist's couch. I pray that God draws them to Him and that they listen. I pray that they make good choices and stay away from drugs and alcohol. I pray that we are good parents and that I live long enough to see them into adulthood. I am certain that if/when that happens I will pray to know my grandchildren and that I will continue to ask for more, never getting enough of my babies.

I count myself blessed to have them. They are hands down the best thing Brandon and I have ever done.

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Jessica Harris Telligman said...

A therapist's couch isn't a bad place to be. No need to worry about sending your children there. Americans would be a lot healthier if more people went to therapy.