Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pear Trees, Gardening, & Easter

My beautiful tulip tree

I have wanted fruit trees for years b/c my kids eat LOTS of fruit. I finally broke down and bought 2 pear trees and Brandon planted them this weekend. We are a bit late as they are not dormant anymore, but we are giving it a shot anyway. Brando had helpers....

Sassy pants here wanted to "Do it by self!"

Kyan had no interest. He has recently slipped back into Autism world. Stimming a LOT playing functionally very little. It makes me sad.

Here he is taking the hoe bought the kids and dragging it up and down the driveway OVER AND OVER AND OVER b/c he likes the scraping sound it makes against the concrete. We finally had to take it away. Have I told you lately how much I HATE Autism?

Braylen and the tree planting cont'd

My garden before pic.

My sweety tilling it up for me. This year's garden has expanded significantly!

garden after picture
This year I planted the following: green beans,cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, brocolli, potatoes, zuchinni, squash, okra, peas, corn, carrots, dill. I transplanted strawberry plants and still need to plant tomatoes. Almost finished. Many of these are new crops for me, so I am interested to see how they do.
Trees day 2: adding the mulch
So dirty and so happy. After this weekend, we had to mop kitchen and bathroom. Dirt everywhere!

This was th first year I actually bought Easter outfits for the kids because they have done so well at church, I thouht we would actually get o go together. Well, as I mentioned before, Kyan has been having a hard time. Mom and I took the kids to a playground Friday and Kyan was melting down by the swings All of the people (super crowded) and having to share so many times was just more than he could take. People were staring, and finally I looked up and said "Today is Autism Awareness Day. THIS is Autism." One lady half-smiled at me and the others began studying their shoes. GRRR. Anyway, Brandon and I decided that the craziness of Easter Sunday would probably be more than he could handle. Taking the others wasn't a choice b/c Kyan would think he was being punished. He LOVES going to church, and we could not possibly explain chaos, and over stimulation to a child who gets over-stimulated. So we got our cute Easter outfits on and went to Grammy's. Grammy and Grandad were in townthis week and kids got to play with them and cousins.
Eating lunch and watching Little Bear.

Easter Egg Hunt. Braylen was ALL about it!
Kynsie became motivated when she learned there were smarties in the eggs.
Kyan had to be bribed. He spent almost the whole time on the porch playing with bubbles. No interest in hunting eggs.
Found Smarties
PLaying with their bubble blowers
Checking out the loot

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