Monday, March 15, 2010

On the News Today

So, I had initially planned to give a much over due update on the kids and school and such, but instead wanted to tell you about my crazy day. I seriously think I am allergic to Mondays. We were running slightly behind his morning--5 mins. Not too bad, but I got hung up in traffic, (wh knew timechange would effect traffic?) so that meant I was late getting to he gym for my 30 min quicky exercise session. I resigned myself to a 15 minute run and was headed to the locker room when I felt wetness on my outter leg from my gym bag. My new bottle of Downy wrinkle releaser had soaked my only semi-clean pair of jeans and my underwear. I could live with the jeans, but not the underwear. So I rushed home and showered and got dressed. In the midst of this, I received Braylen's teacher's lesson plan via email (thank you blackberry). In it it said "remember, today we make our own pizzas". Well, I didn't remember b/c I was never told! So, had to act fast and get Brandon to stop his work and round up the ingredients and get it to Braylen's school or else he wouldn't get to participate a he can't have any "normal" pizza ingredients. Put out that fire and decided I could not face the day without caffeine so I grabbed a route 44 Sonic un-sweet peach tea (even though I was late) and headed to the store. 3 sets of customers were waiting on me. That never happens, especially on Mondays. 2 more quickly followed. AND--the UPS man came at 10:01 a.m. and instead of leaving my package with my next door neighbor, let me a stupid sticky note saying he'd be back tomorrow. GRRRR. Oh and P.S., my pants are still wet at this point on both sides. My phones begin ringing (cell and business) and people keep coming, good and bad, Glad to be busy, but super stressed. At this point I have no makeup on and wet hair pulled back in a pony tail. I am still fuming about the UPS box, and of course--wet pants. The phone rings and it is a local news reporter who wants to interview me this morning for the evening news about vaccines. YIKES!! I got ill just typing that. Such a good opportunity to spread info about vaccines, but man could I be less prepared? We agreed he would come in an hour and I requested prayer from friends and family and prayed for wisdom. Oh yeah, and I yanked out that pony tail and quickly applied some makeup. I think the interview went decently well. It is supposed to air either 5pm or 6pm news on WBIR for you Knoxville area folks. Hopefully it will be posted online later and I can post it here. Now I am just trying to recover from my morning. Oh--forgot to mention that our new babysitter started today and picked the kids up from school. NO STRESS FOR ME AT ALL TODAY.

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the Mayes family said...

Well, it WAS the Ides of March, after all. Glad you survived!