Saturday, February 06, 2010

Quick Update

During the big snow here--which we need to post pictures of, the kids got sick--Yes, again. Kyan started with fever and cough for several days (4 or 5 solid). Kynsie started 2 days later, same symptoms. Braylen the next day.Well, Kynsie had a fever for 4 days and got better only to wake up with fever again and complaining every time she peed. Terror struck me. You can see our UTI history here. In addition Braylen was on day 6 of fever and was just miserable. Took them to the doc. Kynsie got urine culture done and put on antibiotics for UTI. She also had upper respiratory infection. Braylen had double ear infection, sinus infection, upper respiratory infection. Also put on antibiotics for ears. 2 days later (that would be yesterday) after 7 nights with Braylen of no sleep and lots of misery, coughing until he vomits and constant fever of 102-103, I took him back to the doctor. He was diagnosed with walking pneumonia, and given another antibiotic. The doc thinks they probably had the flu again--this time good chance that it was of the swine variety. I have to say it looked like the flu, acted like the flu, and truly I think they all had the flu. They were confirmed with seasonal flu in September, so my guess is swine flu, but who knows? They don't test for it anymore thanks to the CDC deciding that swine flu tests are a waste of money. Nice, eh? My kids would have likely tested negative by the time they saw a doc anyway because we were in the secondary infection stage. I try to ride illness out at home as MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

So after week of days & nights of misery, Braylen is better today. He had a fever when I left but evidently wrestled with Kyan and felt himself enough to be a little stinker. So that is good news. Kyan went to nap with a fever....not such good news. He had gotten sick first with similar symptoms, though not nearly as severe as Sis and Braylen, so I assumed he had already had this mess. Beginning to wonder. I guess time will tell.

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