Monday, February 22, 2010

Prayer Request Part 3 or 4?

Daniel & Emily have been matched with a birthmom who delivered a healthy baby boy Saturday. She is set to sign the papers Tuesday. Assuming all goes well, they will have baby boy in hand tomorrow. This adoption leaves a lot less wiggle room for it to fall through. The only thing the adoption is hinging on is the birthmom signing the papers tomorrow.

Please take a minute and pray for all parties involved. Understandably Daniel & Emily are feeling very vulnerable. They are choosing not to meet the little guy until papers are signed. Please pray that the mom makes the best decision for her baby. Pray for peace for Daniel & Emily today and tomorrow, regardless of the outcome.

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Emily Doss said...

Thanks so much for the prayers. We can't help but get excited, yet we've been busy today and that has kept my mind occupied.
Tomorrow could be the big day!!! :)