Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prayer Request for a Friend Part 2

You may remember my request about 6 weeks ago that you pray for some friends who were dealing with the heartbreak of a failed adoption after 9 days of loving their sweet baby.

Well, I am back asking for more prayers. This sweet couple has grieved and mourned, and wiped their tears, and continued to trust in God to provide for and sustain them. Once again they were matched with a birthmom and it fell through yesterday. Thankfully, this time they never met the baby, so that is a great relief. There is another baby being born on Saturday that they are presently matched with. As you can imagine, they are more than doubtful that this one will go through. Not that they doubt God, but just learning not to get their hopes up each time word of a baby/birthmom comes along.

My request is that you pray for this particular baby and birthmom, but also that you pray for Daniel & Emily as they continue down this rough path toward parenthood, wherever it leads. They are committed to follow Christ and to trust him, baby or no baby. Still, I know their hearts must ache for a baby.

On another note, they have been awarded a matching grant for up to $10,000 for their adoption. This means that the grant will match dollar for dollar whatever amount their friends and families can raise.

If you are interested in making a contribution, email me: and I will get you the information. Any amount is helpful.

Sunny :)

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Tracey said...

I will praying for this sweet family. This must be so difficult. I have no doubt that God will be faithful but His timing is the tough part. Keep us posted please.