Saturday, February 06, 2010

Father-daughter Valentine Dance

So tonight, there was a Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance at our church, Cokesbury United Methodist Church. We decided that I should take Kynsie. We told her first of the week and she has been SOOOO excited all week. She would say "Saturday after dinner, we go to dance!" It was so sweet. So today was the day. After dinner we got dressed up and she looked like an angel!

We went and "danced" for about 30 minutes and then she was done. She wanted to go see Braylen, Kyan and Mommy. There were a lot of people there and when the lights went down and the music volume was raised, she was a little unnerved and anxious. I was a little anxious as well, but only because I don't dance well. *which is funny, because at a dad/daughter dance, only the daughters dance. The dad's stand there holding the daughters hands!*

We did not get to take pictures at the dance because the room was out of the main room (that we had trouble getting into because she saw balloons and thought that it was a birthday party and asked where the "jumpies" were --blow up slides, bounce house things) and the fact that they were $8 cash only (who carries cash? i will from now on!)

When we got home mom took some are a few...

it was a great night all around. i got to dance with a lovely young lady that was super cute. and got to spend some time with my boys and my super cute wife! we had pop-corn, watched a movie!

snow pics to come later...

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