Monday, January 11, 2010

The JOY of Poop

Yep friends, that's the subject. This weekend we had MAJOR victory in the potty department. Braylen has now pooped in the potty 5 times and he is SO excited!!! He got to go with daddy to Target (by himself) and pick out a prize. He chose some cars from the Disney/pixar movie Cars. He LOVES them. I also went through summer clothes this weekend and found 3 Cars shirts from his cousins Curry and Caden. So after the first poop, he got to choose a t-shirt each time he went again. Thankfully 4 year olds don't mind used 'new' stuff. Neither does this 32 year-old, but you catch my meaning.

Kynsie also pooped on the potty and got to make a special trip with Daddy (be herself) to Target. She chose the Dora the Explorer Backpack toy and a GFCF chocolate bar. She's her mommy's girl. LOVES chocolate! Little Sis only went once this weekend. She doesn't like going in the potty, but she did once and there is no turning back now. Kynsie and Braylen are ready.

Kyan is peeing in the potty a lot now and we are very proud. He is not ready for pooping in the potty as he doesn't always know that he has to go beforehand. But he was SOOOOOOOO sad that he didn't get a prize. He's really having a hard time with it. We still praise him alot for peeing in the potty and he gets a bite of chocolate bar when he goes, which helps.

So that's the poop report. I know I owe pictures. I tried to upload some 3 days ago and computer/blogger wouldn't cooperate. Brandon tried to upload pics on Saturday and just as he sat down, Kyan bit a big HUNK of skin out of Braylen's side and then began beating him. Needless to say, Brandon had more than enough to deal with at that moment. Hence no pictures. But I am working on it. I promise!

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