Saturday, January 02, 2010

Always a Battle of Some Sort

Christmas was great for the kids. They really enjoyed it and we did too. We are in the process of mopping up and clearing out old toys that the kids have lost interest in. Thankfully we kept new toys to a small number, so that makes it easier. We are still in desperate hopes of getting our house organized. Still working on the twin bed situation. We seem to have acquired 2 twin beds for the boys. Now just need to get a bed for Sis and 3 mattresses, plus bedding. I'm going to try to sell some of the kids things and hopefully that will get us over the hump. I found a really cute bed with mattress on craigslist that I am VERY tempted to buy for Kynsie. Just not sure yet. I am having a hard time finding bedding that is reasonable and not super cheap looking. I know the cheap stuff will fall apart. I am not having luck finding used bedding either, so still on the hunt.

Over Christmas Kynsie began coughing and having difficulty breathing. At first it appeared to be a bad cold, but after days passed and little progress was made, we took her to the doctor. Doctor felt like she was having an allergic reaction. We had actually considered that possibility too because her worst days were the ones when she got a peanut butter sandwich, which she of course LOVES. So I called Dr. Bernui and rechecked her allergy blood work from last spring and talked with them about symptoms, possibilities and our pediatrician's thoughts. Evidently she had tested as highly sensitive to almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds and pecans. She tested moderately sensitive to sesame, and a LOAD of other stuff including apples. We had removed all of those items in the high category for several month and were told we could rotate them in after 6 months and see how it went. We did and all seemed fine until last week. I personally think the combination of all of those allergens had a cumulative effect and caused her some serious breathing problems. So now she is on singulair--not my fave, but we were desperate--and all of those foods are removed. She was eating a nut/seedbutter and jelly sandwich every day for lunch, so now I am back to the drawing board. She is so picky. Good times.

Kyan fluctuates from being an angel to being a devil, and sometimes it happens in a blink of an eye with little warning. His language has greatly improved. The hitting has reduced significantly and he hasn't bitten anyone lately. So we are thankful for that. He is playing some appropriately. But his obsession with opening and shutting doors, cabinets, drawers, and playing with light switches continues to slowly drive us mad. Today he is screaming his head off and throwing things, so poor Brandon is at home with that joy today. We are trying some new supplements with Kyan and I think they are helping. We are still missing something big with him. I have long thought that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) was going to be our answer, but now I am wondering if Chelation might be a better next step. I am going to set up a phone consult with Dr. Bernui in a month or so, and see what he thinks. Always a new battle. At least we got a chance to catch our breath for a moment.


gwendysue said...

Hey Sunny. I got a really cute and cheap bedspread/sheets from the TJ Maxx in Knoxville for Olivia's big girl bed. You can look at my pics on FB to see. It was a Ralph Lauren, high quality set that I adore and it's easy to wash and clean. It's actually a quilt. Anyway, just thought I would mention it.

Tracey said...

Glad you had a good Christmas! Happy New Year to you!
Sorry to hear about your dds allergies. Hope she is better soon.
Regarding the beds, we bought new mattresses and box springs and those things off gassed like crazy. Just something to share regarding our experience. I regretted the "new" purchase. Best of luck with your search for beds and bedding.
Regarding chelation, I do think my kiddos primary problem is the inability to detox mercury. You may be on the right track with that one. I know many ASD kids can have many types of issues but heavy metal toxicity is something many kids seem to deal with. We did the hair testing and came back high in arsenic and tin (I guess this indicates mercury as well). The interesting thing in my family is my brother's kids. His oldest has ADD, he would have been born around the time that they still heavily used thimerisol in all vaccines. The subsequent children do not have the ASD issues (although they do have some allergies/asthma). I feel it is just another piece of the puzzle perhaps. You are in my prayers as God reveals the right path for healing.
Hope 2010 brings many blessings to your family!