Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

Today was not a good day. OK..actually it was a horrible day. Kids were super demanding this morning. Kyan was hitting. Braylen tried to pick up Hershey's dog bone and Hershey snapped and bit him on the face. No broken skin, but very red and a VERY scared Braylen. Then I find out that we are supposed to be at Braylen's school earlier than I thought so that he can practice for his program. In the mean time, I get a call from my store with small business issues to handle. I had to shower; get myself and the kids dressed; make them 3 different lunches b/c I knew they couldn't eat anything at the potluck Thanksgiving feast at the school; bake 48 rolls; and get to the school. we did that but not without screaming.Got there and the screamfest really begins. We had to walk through the playground to get to the fellowship hall and this was indeed the end of Kyan's world. He was screaming "go to playground!!" over and over and over. Now keep in mind that this is before the program started, so while it was unpleasant to hear him losing it, it really wasn't disruptive. People were milling about talking and setting their food out. Still we needed something to help him calm down. I was giving him Calm's Forte and decided to go to the van to get his 'calm stick". this is basically a Popsicle stick with a laminated picture/cartoon of a child being calm. This usually really helps him.

So I get to the door and as I open it, Kyan erupts in more screaming behind me (patty had him and kynsie) Just as he did this old man to my left said " goodness!" in a snarky tone. Bad move old man. I stepped back in the door and said very firmly with a not-so-nice look on my face "Sir, he has autism and he is doing the best he can." and walked out the door. When I came back in I stared at him just begging him to say something else. He wouldn't even make eye contact. He was probably ashamed and he should be. It would have been different if the program was going on and we let Kyan scream through it, ruining it for others. It would have been different it we were ignoring him and not doing everything humanly possible to calm him down. But neither of those things is true. So I was not happy. I would have hated to kick some one's arse in church, but today I just might have. I am still steaming over that one.

So I am understandably exhausted and about to go to bed, but I wanted to show you the one bright spot of my day little Indian warrior, Braylen.

Cutest Indian warrior I have ever seen.

Braylen did so great! I can not believe that this was my little guy who 1 year ago was so shy that he sobbed and covered his face during the Christmas program. Today he sang all of the words and did the motions and smiled. Super confident. Super happy. Super wonderful! Thank you Big Boy for redeeming my day!


Elaine said...

You are too cute. "Bad move old man". I love it!!

the Mayes family said...

You are dealing with triplets, autism, a business, AND the everyday stuff that the rest of us deal with. YOU are doing the best YOU can, too, and that's all anyone could ask of you.
Heard a quote the other day that I think applies. It went something like this:
Courage doesn't feel like courage when you are in the midst of it. It feels like survival or just getting by. It is only from the outside looking in that courage can be seen for what it is.
You are more than surviving, Sunny. You are courageously FIGHTING for your kids and your family. God knew what He was doing when He put this on your plate, even if it doesn't feel like it to you. Hang in there!

Sunny said...

Thanks Elaine and Lauren. hugs to both of you!

Tracey said...

Sorry for the rough time! And ((HUGS)) for what the man said. Some days I get so angry thinking about my kiddos issues that I just want to lay into someone!! We are women on the edge!! LOL!
Love your little Indian and great to hear he did so well with the program! I know those moments feel all the more sweet for moms with kids on the spectrum!