Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Few Favorite Phrases

the kids are little chatter boxes now, and I love it. Some of the things they come out with are just downright hilarious. Other statements or responses to questions demonstrate just how far they have truly come. wanted to share a few from recent days.

"Mom, I want to try by myself."--Kyan re: brushing his teeth
"Mommy. I pee-pee in potty. I get a prize!"--Kyan
"uggggg! Poo-poo is stuck!!" Kynsie's attempt at pooping on the potty.
"L-A-R-R-Y spells Larry, Mom"--Braylen, being Braylen
"Saddle go to play with Jesus"--Kids talking about Barbara's dog who was recently put to sleep
"I two-pooted!" Braylen after he pooted--twice :)
"I want soup, please." Kyan--re: dinner
"No. Himal go with Miss Gypsi. I go with Miss Sarah"--Kynsie's response when I asked her if she played with her buddy Himal at school.
"E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T spells elephant!"--Kynsie...yes, I'm serious. We are into spelling everything now.
"oh mommy. I love your beard!"--Kynsie as she rubbed my arm :)

I love my little Magpies!

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