Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to the Daily Grind

After a week-long hiatus, I am back. We had a great, but BUSY holiday week. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

We took the kids to Fantasy of Trees. They enjoyed it. Kynsie and Braylen sat with Santa and their cousins for a picture, which is a MAJOR development. Last year they were all afraid of Santa. This year no one seemed afraid. I think Kyan just wasn't feeling too cooperative. Fantasy of trees is dark, crowded and BUSY. People and stuff everywhere! It is major sensory overload for a 'normal' person, so I am pretty sure it was extra hard for Kyan. Still, we went, had fun, made a craft, and went home all in one piece. VICTORY!! Exhausted, but victorious nonetheless.

Thanksgiving meant FABULOUS food by Grammy (my mom) and a yummy deep-fried turkey by Dustin (my brother). We enjoyed the company and the food. Kids had fun with their cousins. Poor Braylen did take a tumble on the sidewalk and now bears his badge of honor--road rash--on his sweet little face. Thankfully, little people heal much faster than adults, so he is already much better. We waited a bit too long to eat, and my kids were OVER it and ready to go home about the time the adults sat down to eat. So, the meal wasn't too long or peaceful, but again--good food, good company. Kyan had been asking to leave for an hour--that is his way of saying "I'm done. Get me out of here before I blow!" We didn't and he did! Blow that is. A melt-down, but honestly that was our fault. We simply must plan better. I am going to insist on a different eating time for Christmas or I guess we will be left out of the festivities. We can not do a repeat of Thanksgiving. It's not fun for anyone.

Black Friday at Cutie Tooties was FANTASTIC and way beyond my expectations. Thank you, Lord. People were waiting for me when I arrived a few minutes before 7am. I was supposed to be earlier, but at 5:45am (5 minutes before my alarm should have gone off) Braylen fell out of his bed and bumped his head on the floor, and needed snuggles. How could I resist? Plus, he only wants Mommy snuggles most of the time. So that set me back a bit. Even so, I got here and a line formed outside my store. I jokingly asked the customers if I could take their picture. I should have!!

We had a record sales day, which again is a HUGE blessing and answer to prayer. Hopefully the rest of the Holiday season will be busy as well.

Otherwise, we have no new news. School started back today and the kids were super happy to get back into their routine. I was for the most part, but hate packing lunches.

Oh--and we overslept 1 hours this morning. Woke up at time we were supposed to leave! Yikes!

Good Morning, Monday! Can we be friends, PLEASE?

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