Saturday, October 10, 2009

Peace Like a River (and some pictures)

For those of you who have been praying for me, please, PLEASE I beseech you, keep it up! I have experienced more peace in the last 2 days than I have in the last 6 months. thank you. THANK YOU!


I appreciate it! I had a funny experience yesterday with the kids and Brandon. We had Tornado warnings and the news was very doom and gloomish. Normally, I would be glued to the screen and semi-panicked. I have lived through 2 tornadoes and it scared the mess out of me both times. Worth being concerned about, for sure. Just the same, last night my kids--oblivious to the harsh weather coming our way, were singing and dancing to Veggy Tales in the kitchen. Brandon and I joined them singing "God is bigger than the Boogy Man! He's bigger than Godzilla, or the Monsters on T.V. God is bigger than the Boogy Man, and He's watching over you and me!" And truly, I felt my fear melt away. I still monitored the storm, but I was not afraid. Thank you Veggy Tales!

In way of a Kyan update. His doctor took him off anti-fungal medicines as he suspects yeast is still the main issue, and that Kyan's yeast may be resistant to Diflucan, and may need a stronger med. His exact words were "It looks and acts like yeast, and we know he has yeast problems. I really think it is yeast. Could be additional viral issues. Whatever it is, it seems like we knock it in the head, and it stays down for a bit, then comes right back". That is such a good analysis for Kyan. Whatever this beast is, it just won't die. We get minimal, temporary relief, and then it comes roaring back. So...the idea is do a little experiment. Take him off the anti-fungal, and if goes nuts, basically we know it is yeast. I must admit I was not particularly enthusiastic about this little science fair project, but I cooperated. And now, I am stumped. Kyan did not go nuts. In fact, he's been a bit more calm. BUT--yeast can kinda make kids dopey or mellow. Sort of lulls them into a less responsive state, so that is a possibility. Still I thought 'hey, maybe this isn't yeast'. And then when I went to diaper Kyan before bed, I saw the rough yeast rash on his diaper area. :( Poor guy. Dr. Bernui always says "the skin is the window to the gut", and so far he has been right on the money. So guess what?? Yeast. I call back Monday to find out what to do next. He also put all 3 on another immune system booster, which makes me happy. It arrived today and we got 2 doses in already. I hope it helps Braylen clear out this lung crud. He was up all night (in our bed and on my pillow) last night. I think I fell asleep between 3am and 5am. Not fun. Poor guy. We are doing breathing treatments too, so he is really vulnerable right now. H1N1 is circulating here. I would greatly prefer that it NOT circulate in my house.

I also wanted to share some pictures with you. Hopefully I will have more pictures tomorrow. We are taking the kids to the pumpkin patch with Grammy, Grandad, and cousins. Should be LOTS of fun. We are looking forward to it!

Braylen the Builder


Cutie Kyan. He says "Go Balls!" (Go Vols)

Sis in her orange

Please do not disturb my reading, Mom

Kyan--not enthused about playing outside

taking a rest from jumping

Braylen & Sis reading the paper. (Kyan in background stacking puzzle pieces--stimming)


Liz said...

Yay for PEACE! Your kids really are super cute. Despite it all, you are very blessed. :)

Kate said...

:) so glad you are feeling better!